Nvme & Enclosure not recognized as external drive

I am trying to use in NVME Drive with my raspberry pie for and Umbrel Bitcoin node software. However the nvme drive and enclosure combo are not being recognized as expected. Need help badly. I already replace both products and have new ones and they don’t work either. This is what I purchased:

NVME Drive:


Appreciated. Discouraged at the moment. Just want my node running with this NVME!!

Two things:
you may need a firmware update to the Pi
you must use a quality power supply to this ( and maybe 5 A rated).

Will try that - thanks.

I could be wrong but I do not think Raspberry Pi has support for NVMe? You need a SATA if you want to use M.2 drive

Try this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073SB2MXT/

Did you test them in a PC or a laptop usb3 port? If they work, then problem is power shortage in Raspi system.
The more the speed, the more peak amps, if that excess current not available corruption and instability will happen in ssd.

My Pc does not see the NVME as as an external drive.


Better just use a NUC/barebone with PCIe/support for NVMe and you are waaaaay better than any shIty RaspPi

So you’re suggesting I just buy new hardware to fix my problem because you don’t like the raspberry PIs? No thanks
Also, not really the solution I was looking for, but new #&@$.

Figured out the issue. Bad USB C to USB A cable.
Took a while to troubleshoot this by process of elimination,
but this is the way.

You are mistaken, it does. Via usb and also a geekworm board X860 I think.

So you just find out what I was talking about. The weak link for RaspPi will always be that cable.
Your “nightmare journey” is far from finish…

I’m not sure I’m following you. Can you provide more details please?


Can you verify that a new cable fixed this for you? I’m having trouble with my NVMe on a fresh install. tried several cables and even a USB-C to USB-C with a USB-A adapter. I get different errors depending on the cable/combination but its either; Error: System service failed - or error finding external drive, again depending on the cable/combo used.
I went with:


See another post about the Realtek RTL9210 not being supported - this is my case.
So…not sure if I should look at new case?

NVMe maybe overkill anyway? USB3.0 Bus able to support? Was just hoping for fast load of the whole BTC chain and lower power consumption.
Been a long day trouble shooting.
Here is a copy of the log in case anyone’s interested:

External storage system not working. Test storage system, change USB cables and cases to find the problem.
It is easy: with a PC, format the disk any format type you like, write to it a large file (+ 1GB), then do a copy of that large file to the same disk. Observe copy behaviour and speed. In a health system, speed should be steady, and in the range 100 - 160MB/s.