Number of peers is only about 10

Now that i am running umbrel 0.3.12, the number of peers stays around 10 instead of about 125 before the recent umbrel upgrade. Also, my network traffic is down 95%+.

Has the default number of peers changed with the recent umbrel update? How can i control this number?

Thank you to anyone who can help!

Have the same questions…Also when you use the bitcoin explorer app it shows 0 inbound. Are we not supporting the network? Only outbound connections? On my raspiblitz I have around 30 connections.

"localrelay": true,
    "timeoffset": -3,
    "networkactive": true,
    "connections": 10,
    "connections_in": 0,
    "connections_out": 10,
 Whats going on with this???

I believe with Umbrel we’re not supporting the on-chain network, but it’s not really a problem. There is plenty of uploading nodes. It’s not a bottleneck.

Having said that I would like to have incoming connections on Umbrel.

The main reason I run the node is to support the onchain. I understand why some people would not want to be sending that much data but it should at least be an option.


Right now the best way you can support the Bitcoin network is by opening a few LN channels if you can, because it helps routing payments and thus allows most small transactions to move to the 2nd layer from on-chain reducing fee pressure. This is especially helpful if your LN fees are low.

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Are you sure Umbrel no inbound connections?

Yes, you can see the peers connection in BTC RPC Explorer app in Umbrel.
But due that your umbrel is behind Tor and do not have the port 8333 open to the whole world, the inbound connections are limited to 10 or 11. By design. And is more than enough to “support the network”

I think you got inbound connections on Umbrel via Tor.