Incoming connections and

First congratulation for umbrel dev and to the community ! Amazing work.

I am trying to see my bitcoin node as public on

I already did the following
1 - click the Incoming connection option from Umbrel Bitcoin node s advance setting
2 - unclick : “outgoing to Tor peers” ; “Connect to all clearnet peers over Tor” and “outgoing connection to I2P peers”.
3 - Give a static IP address to my raspberrypi4 Umbrel
4 - Setup a forwarding port on my rooter (Port 8333 with the static IP address of my raspberrypi)
5 - reboot my rooter and Umbrel

I do see bytes / packets going through the dedicated port 8333 (firewall view)
I still have 7 to 11 peers…
Neither any mention of node from

Could you please advice me ? Did I forgot something ?


Everything connection related on Advanced settings is set to ON on my RPI and I’m able to connect successfully to my node via test form, i’m using my external IPV4 address.

I have IPV6 disabled on my router so…