No Inbound Connections to Umbrel Node

One of the main reasons I wanted to run a full node is to further strengthen and decentralize the Bitcoin network. But my Umbrel node does not appear to be accepting any inbound connections based on what I’m seeing in the BTC RPC Explorer app:

“connections_in”: 0,
“connections_out”: 10,

Is there a way to change this somehow? It doesn’t appear that my node is helping the network in any way if no one else can access it.

Will look at mine this evening, but maybe this is helpful

Thanks so much. I did notice that. By the way, is this forum or Reddit the primary method of communication for Umbrel/Lightning/Bitcoin folks? Or Telegram? Or something called Discord? Or something I haven’t heart of altogether?

Being a technically illiterate newb in this space is challenging but I’m getting there.

Depends who you consider to be the Umbrel/Lightning/Bitcoin folks… you mean the official Umbrel developers? I guess this forum would be the best place, but I don’t really know.

Telegram seems to be the quickest way to get help from other knowledgeable Umbrel users. It is a bit chaotic and doesn’t bode well for longer form Q and A.

This forum is better suited for longer form questions but it may take a little while longer to relieve an answer. The official devs appear to answer more questions on this forum though spending most of my time here this may be anecdotal.

Most of the help you’ll come across is from Umbrel users.

Hello, I am a newbie. I am running Bitcoin Core but I can’t get the inbound connections because I can’t open port 8333. Is this Umbrel no need to open port and can get the inbound connections?

Then forget it.
Why do you keep asking this if you have zero knowledge about nodes?
Read first

Fellows, one more question: in order to start to get inboundpeers (and send BC info to them), must I wait until the full sync BC state?