Is there a way to increase the number of peers?

I have unlimited fiber and would be happy to provide more data to more peers. Is there a way to increase the number of peers? It seems that by default there are only two incoming and ten outgoing peers with umbrel.
Would be awesome if someone of you guys could help me out!

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Why would you need more?
Those peers are limited to Tor connection that Umbrel is using.
Those are the peers ONLY to sync the blockchain and NOT the LN node peers.
The max 10 peers is more than enough for a home node behind Tor.

To run a “public” node, you will expose yourself to the whole world (opening the port 8332/8333), that means you would need to be very careful for your node security and privacy. Umbrel is NOT designed to be a node like that.
You should read this good article by Jameson Lopp


Is an umbrell node then a full node which supports the network with incoming and outgoing connections? even without opening the port?

Greetings thanks