Nostr Relay Troubleshooting

Does anyone know to get the Nostr Relay working? It only seems to work when I select the sync from public relays and then use my npub to have it load the activity. I have tailscale on my Umbrel and I can access it remotely (when I’m not home) but I can’t seem to get the Nostr relay part to work.

It’s a private relay that only you have access to. It will keep a permanent copy of everything you post. Public relays are under no obligation to store your stuff for any length of time. This way, at least you’ll have a copy of everything you do on nostr on your private relay, long after the public relays have purged your old posts.

Now, if you also want everyone else to be able to see all your posts, you have to run a publicly accessible relay so that everyone else can query your relay to get your old posts. To do that, you’ll need a domain name, a cloudflare account, install the cloudflare app on umbrel, and a cloudflare tunnel pointing to your relay software. If you just open up your relay to the public, it’ll fill up with spam, and get abused, and chew up heaps of drive space. Instead, install the LNBits app, install the Nostr relay extension in lnbits and use that as your public relay. The LNBits nostr relay is a paid relay, as in, people will have to pay you bitcoin if they want to use your relay to make new posts. That protects you from having to deal with spam. You simply whitelist your npub, and any friends etc, and set a fee of something stupid like a thousand bucks if strangers want to use it.

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install the Nostr relay extension in lnbits and use that as your public relay

Yea, I think that’s what I want is to have a public relay that people can pay to use. Do you have instructions on how to install the nostr relay extention in lnbits?

Sounds like you haven’t installed lnbits yet. You’re in for a treat. Lnbits has a heap of extensions you can play with. Install it, have a play around

You’ll still need a domain name, a free Cloudflare account, and the Cloudflare app from the Umbrel store. You can buy a domain name at Cloudflare.

Basically, you create a Cloudflare tunnel to your Umbrel and Cloudflare will hide your IP address and handle the https certificates.

Ok, I’ll try that. Will this relay take up storage on my Umbrel or will it be stored elsewhere?

Only your stuff, and whomever pays to use your relay. Nostr posts are just simple texts files so storage usage is minimal. It doesn’t store images.

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