NOSTR Relay not updating latest actions

I have installed NOSTR Relay and seemed to be working well. However now I don’t see the latest actions being updated.
Relay on Umbrel says it is running and I have checked that Tailscale Is up and running and clients seem to show the relay but with a grey dot not green as if running.

Hi @Ar1xjl, lets check the logs for the relay.

~/umbrel/scripts/app compose nostr-relay logs --tail 100

Another thing worth checking is connecting your client to the ws:// local connection, and then we can see if this is a tailscale issue or not.

Will re-instal, I am far from having a technical understanding. It seemed to be working, but now it’s not. Will see if re-install fixes it.

Hi @Ar1xjl, how’d you go- everything working ok now?

Fortunately after updating Amethyst client, deleting the relays info and adding them back again, It started working again.

Truly passionate about NOSTR and the potential for a censor free system and empowering P2P interactions.
Next Step: learning how to set up a dedicated Relay to support a focused community. Have no idea how, but will try.

Are you aware if there is a plug and play Public relay for non-it users?

Great to hear! I feel very much the same- bera- n/acc: free ross, free assange Make Bitcoin Punk Again. ...

I had a public relay running for a while for a web-app of mine.
Used nostream GitHub - Cameri/nostream: A Nostr Relay written in TypeScript

Not quite plug and play, but they have a good guide and I found it fairly easy to set-up

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