Node worked fine for months and stopped working

The node was built with all the genuine parts recommended by Umbrel (Ras power supply, etc)
All these error messages are displayed but they don`t seem to make sense:

Error: External drive disconnected
The external drive was disconnected while Umbrel was running. This can sometimes happen when using an unofficial Raspberry Pi power supply.

Error: Version mismatch
The version of UmbrelOS on your microSD card is not compatible with the version of Umbrel on your external drive.

Error: System service failed
Something went wrong when starting Umbrel.

Error: Failed to start containers
Something went wrong when starting Umbrel.

Error: No external drive found
Please connect an external drive (at least 1TB) to a USB 3.0 port (blue color) on your Raspberry Pi and restart your Umbrel.

Error: Multiple external drives found
Umbrel only works with one external drive of atleast 1TB size. Please disconnect any additional external drives and restart your Umbrel.

Error: Failed to connect external drive
There was an error connecting your external drive. Please consider using the recommended hardware listed on getumbrel

Thoughts? Thanks

Definitely hardware failure. Change the USB cable and/or port

You have to test the USB cable (the wire) and the USB to SATA adapter (board or case).
1- Connect the SSD disk to a computer USB 3 (blue inside terminal) to the SSD, and then do a copy of a big file (greater tham 1GB) from the SSD to the SSD itself. USB copy speed should be around 100MB/s.
2- If less speed, test the USB cable (wire) changing it by another cable.
3 - If still no better copy speed, change the USB to SATA board or case to test it.
4- Finally, if no better speed, change the SSD diskto another to check if it was causing the problem.
To do this tests you need a working second kit of usb wire, case and SSD.

Thanks @DarthCoin and @LoboGuara for taking the time to provide your thoughts.
I unplugged the device, removed and reinserted the micro SD card and replugged it and now it works again… When I had issues before with my other nodes, the micro SD card has often been the main point of failure. I still have a SanDisk Extreme on this one but now I’m using the SanDisk High Endurance and it seems more reliable.

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