Node won't fully sync

Hello, my umbrel has been stuck at the same sync level for days. It looks like it is downloading new blocks but then resets back 200 blocks and keeps in the same loop “syncing” the same 200 blocks. Any input on why this might be happening or any fixes?

Here are my log files:

Could be a hardware failure: USB cable, disk case, disk failure, low voltage from unsupported power adapter, bad USB port connection etc.
Shut down your node, check all those, including changing some of them, one at the time, to see where is the real problem.

When you generate the debug log, also you have a second tab on top, that show the hardware status logs. See there if you find some errors.
But as far I can see, many problems for not syncing are from hardware failures

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I ended up purchasing an entirely new set-up after 3 months of flashing and reflashing SSD, trying to secure a static IP and speeding up desktop to see why node wouldn’t finish - it was a last resort.