Stuck on Synchronized 0%

I have installed successfully for 10 hours, but still Synchronized 0%.
here is my logs:

Did you read it?
Or just dump it here waiting for somebody to read for you?
Why people don’t make the minimal effort to read some logs? Are not so damn complicated.
It says very clearly: Tor connection is borked. Without that your node will never sync.

What you can do?

  • restart your router, sometimes refreshing the connection will get also a new Tor proxy.
  • restart your node
  • set a static IP for your node (see the guide in the Guides section of this forum)
  • configure your node to run on hybrid mode (clearnet + Tor) for better balancing connections
  • sync your node from another friend node, editing the conf file to read directly that node IP (see troubleshooting manual in the Guides section)
  • use a VPN to connect to internet, maybe your ISP is blocking you Tor access.

After you do these, read again your logs.