Node Update Lightning node app stuck at staring

Just updated my Node (RPI 4/4Gb)
There were 2 updates one for Lightning node one for transmission
Both restarts are stuck at starting.
I can get access using SSH and I know my way a little through commands but I’m not familiar with what to look for in terms of logging and trouble shooting.

I guess the docker containers involved are

As far as Lightning node is concerned but I really wouldn’t know where to look for the logging and it doesn’t seem to appear in a basic
systemctl list-units

Any pointers to a solution would be welcome.
And yes I guess I should consider switching to Nostr …

Hey @Mikabxl

We can try the basic troubleshooting logs first.
You can find those by navigating to the settings dashboard and selecting ‘START’ under troubleshooting. Feel free to share those here however you like.

Thank you very much for your answer.
Sorry to have bothered you for nothing.
It happens a clean reboot from an ssh connection was enough.
Sorry again, was just so accustomed to Updated happening with no problems that I was a bit surprised …
Much ado for nothing I’m afraid :-/

No problem. Great to hear anyway!