Node’s on chain xpub

Where can I find my nodes on chain xpub. I want to add it to a watch only wallet in sparrow wallet so that I can mix to it.

Side note: I’d love to have whirlpool mixing on the umbrel bitcoin wallet.

Import the umbrel seed into bluewallet, then go to wallet details and you have a button named “xpub”

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Does that work even though LND uses a aezeed seed instead of BIP39?

yes BW is not importing the seed as BIP39 but as AEZEED.
You can also use Sparrow wallet to import a converted aezeed wallet into BIP84 format.
You can use this tool!/aezeed (save the HTML file and use it in offline mode) to convert aezeed seed into MPK BIP 32.
I explained the steps in the guide for restoring Umbrel node.

In Sparrow as in Bluewallet you will see the xpub/zpub

Thanks a lot for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face: