Using XPRV instead of aezeed

Since lnd#4717 it’s been possible for LND to accept a XPRV key instead of aezeed.

Would this be possible through umbrel? If so, umbrel would support BIP-85 making seed backups a whole lot easier

I seem to have found a workaround on how to do this with the current version of Umbrel (0.4.11)

With a fresh node you start on the setup page and set a username and password. Then when entering the seed you enter “a” for every word. After clicking next to confirm the seed an error will popup.

Even though it gives an error, the user has been created. However no wallet will be active so you’ll still be at the register screen after a reload.

SSH into the umbrel and run sudo docker exec -it lnd /bin/bash to open a shell within the lnd container. Then type in lncli create, it asks for a password (I gave it the same password as umbrel, idk if that’s required), then it asks if you want to import aezeed or xprv, choose xprv, paste in in the key, and press enter. This creates the wallet on lnd. Now refreshing the Umbrel dashboard logs you in perfectly!

Generating addresses seems to work fine, still have to do some further testing

I’d love to hear from anyone who knows better about how Umbrel works if this is in any way dangerous.

Thanks in advance!

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