Node resyncing and btc wallet address is different and funds are missing!

I encountered trouble logging into my node via umbrel.local approach and got access via the IP address instead which I found on the Netgear router app. I logged in successfully via Tor browser but had to write down 24 new secret words. Afterward, I found that the node needed updating and was resyncing beginning around 24% on and the BTC wallet address balance was now at $0. It was a different address. Doing some basic digging I found the original btc address, looked it up, and see my balance on the blockchain. Funds are safe. I think.
How do I regain access to my original Umbrel BTC address to withdraw those funds? Why did this happen?

Note: I’ve had the full node running for over four months. A recent power outage prompted me to log in to see how it was doing. Did my logging back into Umbrel from a way other than I have in the passed prompt Umbrel to reload the Bitcoin core onto my Rasp Pi 4? Seems strange that I encountered so much trouble and now fear my funds are lost.

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Well, funds are safe in the blockchain until you don’t find the original seedphrase :slight_smile:

I think you somehow just created a new user when (not logged in) that’s why umbrel give you another seed phrase.

Not sure there’s a way to restore old seeds from a running umbrelOS, otherwise you can try flashing the mSD and start again > choosing "Restore" next time you reboot.

I have an issue similar to this but the LN still shows syncing weeks after node sync completion, no access to original funds, yet, during this previous restart process i did input the seed to my OG-Umbrel-LN account so its really heads or tails after this sync issue.

Im trying, running a reboot from UI settings. (Reboot No success)

I am running into what appears to be a similar issue. Were you able to resolve?