Node is hung during initial download/synch

Hello -

I’m new to node setup. I’m using the recommended Rpi 4 with 8 gb ram and a 1 tb ssd. Booted up fine yesterday and began downloading the blockchain. Approximately 24 hrs later with 31.31 percent downloaded, system is frozen and inaccessible at umbrel.local. The pi does not feel very hot. Should I restart the device? Not sure what’s best.

Thank you.

You may have a power issue between the SSD and the Pi that causes the hangup. Unplug your Pi, remove the SD card and reflash it. You will not loose any data by flashing the card as its all stored on the SSD. (Still make sure you have your seed phrase though.) Once you flash the SD card insert it and reboot the Pi. It will resume syncing. If it goes down again look to replace the cable connecting the Pi and SSD with something shorter.
Any time the Pi freezes like this you have to reflash the SD card. It corrupts and will freeze once a day or more until the card is flashed.

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Thank you so much for your help! Back up and running and working fine!