Unstable internet connection with RPI


So my node has been out for some time, my mesh app register it as online for some minutes, then back offline again. But I can never connect to it.
After flashing the sd card it I was able to connect, and sync it (lightning channels did not get online).
Now it is back to long periods offline, and then a little bit online.

Hope anyone can help, thanks!

The internet connection is good, it is connected with ethernet as my asics and smarthome system are.

What I need help with is to connect to the node as it is not even possible to SSH into it.

Tried another rpi, and it works. My channels are not online yet, so Im not celebrating yet.

Using same SSD? If so, wait sync 100% Btc and a while more, to reindex databases.
You can see if indexing by high cpu activity, SSH command “top”.

Yeah, same SSD. Core is synced.
Hmm, having some issues when SSH-ing now, I think it has something to do with the pc.

Do you use the official power supply? Is there any fan plugged to the Pi?

Yes, the official supply.
No, only heatsinks.

Update: uptime for 7 hours, but channels are still offline.