Attaching SSD causes node to freeze

Got a weird issue with my Umbrel node (using recommended hardware, original power supplies etc).

Noticed it was dropping off the network, connecting directly to shell wouldn’t accept keyboard input. Isolated the issue to the SSD - if I unplug the SSD and reboot, everything is fine (obviously not much works at this point but it’s on the network, can SSH etc). As soon as I plug in the SSD though everything freezes up again. Drops off the network, no keyboard input.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Reflash microsd, format ssd, stick in another USB port. Including usb 2. I had to but it fixed similar drive problem for me and didn’t slow blockchain download. And then ran the same.

I found switch to usb 2 didn’t really slow down blockchain download as transfer is limited by peer download speed in the first place. Seemed fine to me. But then also now 0.3.9 fixed the enclosure / cable issue for me definitively — was able to use same cable / enclosure on usb 3 port without slowdown or crashing and not a single reset or error message since then.

Mostly that people know it’s possible and easily available if needed and the node still works fine. Reduced unnecessary speed is better than no speed.

I flashed the SD card to the latest update - that seems to have fixed it :man_shrugging: