My Node went down last night, I don't know what to do

My Umbrel is at my work office.
I was home last night and noticed at 8:00pm I was not able to access my node via TOR.
I checked over and over again through out the night.
I got to my office, and I still cannot Connect to Umbrel via the local network.
It’s taking forever to load, and then telling me the site cannot be reached.

Internet is all good (I am using the computer)
I see the back of the Raspberry Pi is lighting up Yellow and Green where the ethernet port is plugged in.
For good measure, I unplugged my node and moved it to another ethernet port.
I am still getting the same error message.

I then followed the browsers recommendation to turn off all Proxies, which were set to OFF to begin with…

Please help, as I am unsure of what else to do!
Thank you.

Other food for thought - prior to my node going offline, I noticed two transactions between two nodes I have never seen before, and am certainly not connected to with channels. Is this any cause for me to be alarmed?

Begin attaching a monitor to RaspPi, and look for the IP, then try access with it, web or SSH.

That is named routing.
In RTL go to the section routing and you will see the details.
Routing = your node is healthy and you should do more routing.

1st thing: get your node out of that office!

I am back up and running! :slight_smile:
I spoke to our IT guy.
He checked and said there was a spike in the power at 7:30 the previous night.
Though everything else was back up and running - The umbrel needed the router and modem to be reset completely…

Sorry - I should elaborate more, my office is not like an open room with cubicles and co-workers like that shitty show…
I have a room to myself with lock and key, and am basically my bosses one man operation steering his ship. I don’t have co-workers to really worry about or anything. There are others who share the space and work in a garage out back, and use the same wifi network, etc, but they are no-coiner older mechanic dudes who aren’t tech savvy enough to pose any imminent threat. But then again, I don’t like to sleep on anybody…

I’ve contemplated setting my Umbrel up at home - I rent a downstairs apartment.
I would have to run an ethernet cable up through the floor, to their router… but in any event, there are destructive animal children upstairs who could potentially spill orange juice on the modem / router at any given moment.

At the moment, I think my office is the lesser of the two evils until I have my own house.