No ElecrtumX Connection

Hallo I’m trying to see my address in BTC Exolorer but I received this error
“errorId”: “23t07ug2wghefud”,
“error”: {
“error”: “No Electrum Server Connection”,
“userText”: "No Electrum connection available. This could mean that the connection was lost or that the Electrum server is processing transactions and therefore not accepting requests. This tool will try to reconnect. If you manage your own Electrum server you may want to check your server’s logs.

I don’t use Electrum Wallet
Raspberry PI4 8Gb Ram
SSD disk 1 TB

Bitcoin Explorer version 3.1.1
Umbrel version 0.3.14
Just finished the sincronization (now 100%)
How can i fix it?
Thank you

Your node is recently synced and Electrum server is still indexing blocks.
Be patient it will take several hours.

Thank you man.