Config.php Nextcloud

Hi all, i’m new to Umbrel…
i just install umbrel and install nextcloud.
I will access nextcloud from internet using but i dont know where the config.php of nextcloud to set trusted domain etc.


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In terms of easy of set up and security, it may be easiest to achieve what you want using Tailscale, which is an app on Umbrel as well.

This is an old post but nobody answered your question and as the title is clear for someone else looking for the answer here it is:

The path is umbrel/app-data/nextcloud/data/nextcloud/config/config.php

You should SSH into your umbrel machine and then you can run this command in your terminal to edit the file:
sudo nano umbrel/app-data/nextcloud/data/nextcloud/config/config.php

You add the IP that Tailscale assigned to your Umbrel there. You can also add the onion url for NextCloud if you are planning on connecting over Tor. Follow the same formatting the file already has.

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