Next receive address in Umbrel Bitcoin Dashboard differs from that in Umbrel-connected ZAP (IOS)

I’ve connected the ZAP IOS wallet to my umbrel, and want to deposit funds, so I tap “deposit funds” in ZAP and it creates a bc1 address. So far so good.

To ensure it really is using the same onchain wallet as Umbrel, I then went to the Umbrel bitcoin dashboard and clicked Receive. The bc1 address created there is different from the ZAP one.

Does somebody know why these two have a different view onto what the next available receive address is? I’ve not used any address yet, so they should match up, shouldn’t they?

Each time you click on “receive” it creates a new address.
You can do some cli commands, if you know how to list all those addresses that were generated.
This wallet is not BIP39 as you were used to have with other wallets, it’s an AEZEED wallet.

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When you say

This wallet


it’s an AEZEED wallet.

Are you referring to the wallet in LND, and is it the same wallet shown in the bitcoin (as opposed to lightning) section of the dashboard?