Explain umbrel node functionality and how deposit BTC?

Hi there, I have quesitons about the Umbrel node and Bitcoin wallet address.

The Umbrel node is a Bitcoin node (runing Bitcoin node app). That BTC node is in sync with the blockchain - and keeps a copy of the blockhain.

The Umbrel node can also facilitate a Wallet - isn’t it? I mean The Umbrel node is providing me with a Seed Phrase & Private Key of my wallet. But where can I find my Wallet address?

So if I wan tto send BTC to my wallet / BTC address - how do I know which is my Wallet address? In the Umbrel Bitcoin Node app I can not find anything about my wallet address and not find a button ’ deposit '.

Thanks for clearing things up for me.

your wallet address will be generated in your lightning node your regular and lightning wallets are together. You really should use a hardware wallet and something like sparrow to connect to your node and only keep what you can afford to lose in your lightning node or " hot wallet" on umbrel itself

Thanks for explaining. You are speaking about ’ hot wallet ’ on Umbrel itself.
Could you tell me the differenc between the wallet via LIghntng Node and this Hot Wallet? Where can I find the Hot Wallet using Umbrel?

they are both in the same spot in your lightning node and they are both hot

Hey @cryptochrisser

Here’s some information you may find helpful:

When using LND, you can typically generate an on-chain deposit address through the wallet interface. This address will be in the bech32 format and can be used to send Bitcoin funds from a regular Bitcoin wallet or exchange to your LND wallet for channel funding purposes.

As an example, Sparrow is primarily a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet that focuses on providing enhanced security and privacy features for onchain Bitcoin. The specific address type used by Sparrow can depend on the version and configuration of the software. Sparrow primarily supports the legacy Pay-to-Public-Key-Hash (P2PKH) address format. P2PKH addresses typically start with a “1” and are longer in length compared to newer address formats. Depending on software versions or type of Bitcoin Address, legacy vs segwit vs taproot or other these will appear differently.

You can connect your Node to Sparrow to verify only onchain transactions.

Sparrow is primarily designed as an on-chain Bitcoin wallet and does not directly support Lightning Network transactions. Lightning Network operates on top of the Bitcoin network and utilizes its own specific address format, which is different from traditional Bitcoin addresses.

In Lightning Node app running LND, you can generate both onchain deposit and withdrawal addresses as well as Lightning receive and send invoices

To use your own Lightning Node, you would typically need a Lightning Network-enabled wallet with capabilities to connect to your own node- not all allow self-custodial features. Sparrow and other Bitcoin wallets like Electrum can only manage onchain funds and typically only connect to your Bitcoin Node or Electrum Server you run on top of your Node.

Let me know if I can clarify anything further

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