Lightning node app, deposit address changes every time

Hi there the supported Lightning App on Umbrel I use to send and receive BTC - I mentioned the Deposit address changed time after time. So If I click on Deposit a QR code shows up and the address to copy/paste. That address changes every time. How come?

Because the Deposit address on my iOS bluewallet app connected to this Node never changes.

It is the best practice not to reuse a bitcoin address.

So the Lightning node app on Umbrel creates for the ‘same’ address constantly a different address?

For security reasons?

I am referring to bitcoin on-chain addresses. When you open a lightning channel with a peer, basically you send your fund to a 2-multisig on-chain address.

An address is, in short, the public part of a private and public key pair. As long as you hold the private key which corresponds to a public address, any funds received, past and future, are your funds.

The reason the wallet generates a new address each time you receive a payment is for privacy reasons only, because if you use the same address for many transactions, the peers you traded with will be able to identify which other transactions you were involved in, and your identity will be easier to tie to the address.

Every time you click “Receive”, you generate a new key pair. Your wallet manages these keys for you, so you don’t have to think about them. For best practice in privacy, it’s best to always use a new address (key pair) every time you receive payment. That is why it has changed without you telling it to. You can always re-use one, but there’s really no reason for it.

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