LND channel offline after Umbrel software upgrade

Since upgrading to the latest two Umbrel versions my lightening channel remains offline despite my node having an uptime of 15 days. I tried to close the channel but I receive an error: Unable to close channel,server is still in the process of starting. My channel has been down for a few weeks now. Thanks!

My logs state:

HPM client disconnected

LND node not synced yet

And I just tried recovering my channel after restarting my node and I’m told my lnd is currently syncing. “Please try recovering channels from the menu once your node has finished syncing.”

@ usernameisJim

Can you help me out. Thanks!

I have the exact same problem. Opened a channel to tippin.me, everything was fine. Then suddenly one day the channel was offline. Now i try to close the channel (which is offline) and it says: Unable to close channel, server is still in the process of starting. I see the funds which were in this channel in my lightning wallet (umbrel) now, but still looks like i cant close the channel to tippin.me.

What is going on?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like the peer i opened a channel towards had a problem, now everything works, the channel is open again.