My Umbrel is running 20 fps on the latest update

So the web interface is running shit lately especially when i goto installing apps on the app store. I tried reinstalling the bitcoin node, but it didnt do nothing. I also tried reinstalling the apps, but no results. Like before the 0.5.0 uopdate came out everything was running smooth including the framerate on the web interface

I also have another optional question, can i share the onion address that agora provides when it comes to selling files?

Hey, I have the same issue. UI on “desktop” of Umbrel is very, very laggy.

It looks like some script is working very intensively blocking animations to perform smoothly.

It is so on my both Windows PC and Ubuntu Laptop. All my browsers work the same slow - Chrome, Brave, Opera (I don’t use Firefox so can’t confirm what’s there at the moment).

It has been so on 0.5.0 version and now the same on 0.5.1.

i found the solution, you have to enable hardware accleration

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