Umbrel 0.4.11 testing before upgrading

After the problematic V 0.4.10, I decided do some testing in v. 0.4.11 before updating my v.0.4.9, which I have working.
Did a clean install in another RPi, to try recover an old installation. Starting up was ok, it accepted the “seeds”, and connected to network, begining download blockchain.
But after some 5 minutes, download stalled. Some reserch, I found bitcoind and tor processes are taking more than 100% CPU in RPi. Sometimes bitcoind tops, next tor tops. So no more resources to anynthing. :flushed: :frowning_face:

I did force a shutdown, and after restart things are fine, for last 20 minutes.Download is fast, 2.5% in 30 minutes.
But stil crazy the top command results. Some process above 100% CPU.