My nodes is downloading slowly

Hey I started downloaded the Bitcoin node more than 2 weeks ago and it’s only on 50% why is it so slow, my wifi Is pretty fast. Hope someone can help

What’s your HW setup?

Likely you’re using a HD not an SSD. That’s typically the reason. Lots of read/writes need to happen to validate all those blocks. Be patient, it will eventually finish, but the next 50% is much slower than the first 50%. Once you’re synced you will be perfectly fine with a HD if that’s what you’re using.

Makes sense I just checked and I am used HD. Does this mean there’s no possible way to speed this thing up lol it could take up to 3/4 months to download at this rate. Also this is my 2nd attempt to download the blockchain and the first time it only took around 2 days to get to 50% but I had to start again. This time around it’s a lot slower.

No, there is no way to speed it up. Sorry. Just wait it out. Thanks for your effort!