My bluewallet is black

why my bluewallet is black?..Why do I only have the option to receive funds?

Are you talking about the “Watch-only” wallet? There are 4 types of wallets you can create in BlueWallet:

  1. Bitcoin (these wallets appear blue)
  2. Lightning (yellow)
  3. Vault/Multi-sig (blue/purple)
  4. Watch-Only (black/gray)

A Watch-Only wallet lets you view the balance on a cold storage device (for example) and add funds to it from BlueWallet, but not withdraw. This way you can keep your cold storage device locked away somewhere and have safe access to it from BlueWallet. To create a Watch-Only wallet you would import an existing wallet (using a seed phrase) and select “Watch-Only” when prompted.

Thank you for the information
So, how can I transform the wallet status to be able to make withdrawals?

I would just delete that wallet and try again. It should be as easy as:

  1. Click “+” to add new wallet
  2. Click “Import Wallet”
  3. Enter your seed phrase, public key, or whatever you have
  4. Click “Import”
  5. Done.

Refer to:

Thank you for your help!!
But… I followed your instructions
I enter the seed words and it imported a different wallet!!!
It’s as if the wallet is hacked!!!
It is possible!!!

What makes you think it’s a different wallet? If the seed phrase is the same it couldn’t be a different wallet.

Well, the balance is different once imported…in the black there are 6 million and when imported, the balance is zero.