Moved to New Location, CORS Errors on All Lightning Actions

New user trying to learn - I’m sure my dumb questions will cause frustration to some of you. Patience appreciated.

Before I moved, my Umbrel node was running fine. I was running Ubuntu on a fixed IP address, as I am now. The node is still validating blocks, and the wallet sends and receives on-chain transactions.

I experimented with opening a Lightning channel, before the move, and created some inbound and outbound liquidity with the Lightning Terminal App. When I moved, someone just unplugged the PC without me being able to properly shut things down. Now that I’m in the new house, the lighting channel I had is inactive, and all attempts to close it have been unsuccessful. On top of that, all actions I attempt with the Lightning wallet and node produce an error, saying “not allowed by CORS”. Can’t use lightning at all. Addresses don’t work, nothing works.

Does anyone know what this means? I’m a beginner, and not sure where to look. If possible, I would like to start over and make sure I’m doing things correctly.

Thanks very much for your help.