Lightning Node - Page Unresponsive

My Lightning Node page fails to fully load until I get a browser error saying page unresponsive, asking me if I would like to wait or close. I can’t open a channel or do anything from the Lightning Node page, I always need to go to another app like RTL or something which works without issues.

I’m on the latest software and just upgraded to the Umbrel Home from my Pi4 setup, thinking perhaps it was hardware related. I still have the same issue where I essentially cannot use my Lightning Node app on my Umbrel Home after migrating over.

A grey bar goes back and forth, back and forth over “Lightning Wallet” section but I can’t click anything and then finally the page times out. Any ideas?

Hi @Diesel
Sorry to hear about your issue here, unfortunately I haven’t encountered this before, but can you please navigate to the settings dashboard on umbrel.local, select START under troubleshooting and share the resultant logs here.

I messaged them I think can you confirm you are able to see?

Can confirm I just saw them. Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be many issues with the server. Let me check with the team- I’ll get back to you shortly.

Hey there, just wanted to follow up on this. Still can’t seem to load the Lightning Node app

Following up here, still having this same issue where I cannot even use the Lightning Node app

still no solution here. Now Lightning Node app locks up my whole node whenever I try to open it