Mempool is not Working. Say's Error loading address data

I have set up Umbrel on my Raspberry pi 4 and is 100% Synchronized which up to date has a block size of 391GB.
I have left it connected to the Internet & I have installed mempool app from the App section.

When I go to query an bitcoin address balance on mempool page, It says - [ Error loading address data.
Error: Connection to server lost, please retry ]

Please help me out. Is there anything should I do?

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After is 100% synced, it still need some several hours for electrum server to create the logs.
Mempool app uses those electrum logs, so be patient, it will take some time.

Perfect, But how do I know the status of Electrum indexing? Umbrel doesn’t have a UI for this.

Next, I see in the Apps page in right-hand side corner: - that Bitcoin Core & Electrum Server is installed (Right.)

So I can access my bitcoin wallet from the UI(Good.) I got a bitcoin address that starts with bc1… and where is the private key for that? Is it the passphrase of 24 words that we wrote down when creating the umbrel setup?

But What is Electrum Server? is it a Wallet or a Server for indexing address, balances?

The status of electrum server, for the moment can be seen only through SSH into node and check the logs. But I see that you are not “prepared” to do that. So you better wait until new releases of Umbrel will show in the dashboard a nice graph of status of all apps and services of the node.

You should start reading the guides we were preparing for new users:

“where is the private key for that? Is it the passphrase of 24 words that we wrote down when creating the umbrel setup?”

Yes, all you need to keep safe is that 24 words seed and a backup of your channels

“What is Electrum Server?”

  • The server indexes UTXOs by address
  • The server requires bitcoind, leveldb and plyvel
  • The server code is open source. Anyone can run a server, removing single points of failure concerns.
  • The server knows which set of Bitcoin addresses belong to the same wallet, which might raise concerns about anonymity. However, it should be possible to write clients capable of using several servers.