Syncing Electrum

I have looked at other posts asking how to check the status of electrum syncing and it hasn’t applied to me or helped.

Goal: I am trying to view addresses within and my understanding is electrum has to complete some indexing before this is possible. My node is already synced.

If I try:
docker-compose logs electrs

ERROR: No such service: electrs

I do not know how else to check the status of my electrum logs. Electrum was installed over two days ago. My understanding is indexing should likely be done by now?

I have Bitcoin Node, Electrs, and mempool installed.

I am running Umbrel on an Ubuntu laptop.
The bitcoin blockchain is on an external HDD and fully synchronized.
Connection over WiFi

What I find suspicious is “docker ps -a” shows:
getumbrel/umbrel-electrs:v1.0.2 Up About an hour
getumbrel/electrs:v0.9.4 Restarting (1) 26 seconds ago

It seems there are two containers but the latter is restarting continuously? Is this normal?

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Alright I solved it myself.

docker-compose logs electrs was wrong. I needed to use docker logs <container_id>

The logs appeared to indicate that electrum couldn’t find the blockchain data from bitcoin core.

Since I have my blockchain stored on an external 1TB HDD (this old laptop only has an internal 256GB SSD), I had previously edited ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/docker-compose.yml with:

- /mnt/usb/bitcoin:/data/.bitcoin
- /dev/sdb1:/dev/sdb1
This is in place of the default /data/.bitcoin location (actually, I think devices is not required here)

So for electrum, I needed to make the same change to point it to the external HDD location.


- /mnt/usb/bitcoin:/data/.bitcoin:ro
in place of the default /data/.bitcoin location

Now after sudo ./stop and sudo ./start, finally electrs is showing up as using 10% CPU as expected - now indexing. Previously it wasn’t doing anything. And the logs are clear.

Hopefully this helps someone else trying to set up umbrel on a laptop with an external drive for bitcoin core and electrum (remember you have to mount the drive to /mnt/usb first…).