Minor issues with Mempool app

Fairly new user of Umbrel.

Using the Mempool app but when I try and navigate some addresses I get the following error in the browser:

Error loading address data.

Checking the electrs logs I see a corresponding error for each such request:

[2021-12-12T14:26:36.644Z WARN electrs::electrum] blockchain.scripthash.get_balance called for unsubscribed scripthash: 7f0a4b6e7f39cfeaaf83c13129a11eb248f4dc477502b75996798822c2de2307
[2021-12-12T14:26:36.647Z WARN electrs::electrum] RPC blockchain.scripthash.get_balance failed: >200 index entries, query may take too long

I had a lot of SSD I/O errors initially. This was resolved with a new USB3 cable. I was advised to just continue the initial synch but Iā€™m worried some things make be corrupted?

Mempool app depends on electrum index database.
Seems that your electrum is still indexing.
So patience, until is not finished, you will have those issues.
check in electrs logs how is going

SSH in umbrel and run

cd umbrel
docker-compose logs electrs
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