Manual update to 0.3.10 issue [solved]

After dozens of failed attempts from the UI (all ending stuck on the “Starting update…”) I decided to try updating manually my Umbrel to 0.3.10, following the instructions provided in the FAQs.

Everything seemed to go well (see the related Pastebin) but then I couldn’t access anymore my node (“Unable to connect” error), nor by IP, nor via umbrel.local or onion address.

After a few attempts, to my surprise, I noticed that meanwhile, the update process somehow started also in another browser tab where the Umbrel UI was previously open (from a previous update attempt), but it’s stuck on “Removing old containers…”.

It’s been like this for half an hour, what should I do?
Thanks in advance for your help!

I decided to try what suggested in this thread and, after re-running the manual update and rebooting via SSH, I was able to reach again for my node. Everything seems ok! :hugs: