Raspberry PI 4 IP adress can not be found

I have flashed my Umbrel OS, connected the SSD, conneced the ethernet cable and powered up the Raspberry PI. But http://umbrel.local won’t recognize the Raspberry Pi because the Raspberry Pi does not appear in the network. I have tested the home network with Mac OS and used IP-scanner, I also tried in Windows environment but the Raspberry Pi won’t show up. I tried Starting Nmap 7.92 (nmap -sn but I don’t see how to get further there… All looks as expected and the network adapter shows with green and yellow LEDs.

Any one who have a similar problem and know how to solve this?

Thanks for any help from here…

When you say you tested your home network already, did you log into your router already and identify if the RP is showing in the list of connected devices?

Hi Tyler, I have checked all of that. I have started all over again, including formatting the hard disk and the SD card. Now it is running well. Thank you for your reply…!


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