Pi 5 Up and Running

After the pi5 finished syncing last night I shut my Mac down and left the pi5 on and connected to the internet. This morning I tried logging into raspberrypi.local and it timed out. I used the terminal on my Mac with the arp -a command and see the ip address of the pi but it says “at (incomplete) ifscope [ethernet]”
I shut down the pi this morning and restarted it and once again I can log in.

Is this something with Umbrel on the Pi5 or something else?

look in your router to make sure you have the ip address correct and use it to connect to your pi if you are having connection issues using
in fact why not try




Before starting this process I reserved an ip address. After installing Umbrel it showed me the same ip address and how to log in, which in my case is raspberrypi.local.

For whatever reason this morning I am able to log in without restarting the Pi.
Thanks for your response, onward and upward!