"Lower amount or increase confirmation target" Issue

Hi! I’m trying to open a channel with a friend, but for some reason I get this message and I don’t have the ability to toggle the custom fees button. How can I fix this?

My funds are good since I’ve done transactions so what could be causing this problem?

Funds in on chain wallet require a few confirmations before you can open a channel. It’s ether 3 or 6 I don’t recall the exact amount. Seeing you posted this 6 hours ago you should have more than enough confirmations to open said channel.
I would look to open that channel with at least 500k to 1m sats but I understand wanting to start small to practice with.

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Maybe you are trying to use funds from an unconfirmed UTXO (from previous tx that is still pending).
You can use RTL to open channels with the option “use unconfirmed utxo” but is much better just wait to have confirmed previous utxos (takes 6 confirmations).


I don’t think it’s related to confirmations. It’s been almost 24h and I’m still getting the same message.

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Hey Raul, did you find a solution to this ? I am in the same boat. Trying to open a channel between Phoenix wallet node and Umbrel lightening node. Getting the same error every time. My funding txn to bitcoin wallet has 385 confirmations already so I don’t think that is the issue.