Not enough witness outputs to create funding transaction -Thunderhub

I’m trying to open some channels and get the message above. Also if I try in umbrel it says “lower amount or increase confirmation target”. I don’t really understand what either of these messages mean. I have 15M sats in my wallet so I’m not short on funds.

Seems to have something to do with my pending channels? I have two channels waiting to open that I set the fee too low and they locked up my entire BTC balance. Might be stuck waiting until the weekend for them to process.

I found a workaround. I just sent another 2M sats from my hardware wallet to my umbrel with a big enough fee to get processed. Once it was there I was able to open a new channel.

Here’s how it appears to work:

Opening a channel for any amount seems to lock up an amount of sats equal to a transaction you received. I had only made two deposits into my umbrel BTC wallet, one for 2M and one for 15M. So since I had two pending channels both those amounts were locked up and I had no sats available to open new channels. I moved an additional 2M sats from my hardware wallet, and once that tx was confirmed I was able to open a new channel for 1M sats which is currently pending. However I tried opening another 1M sat channel after that and was prevented from doing so since that most recent 2M transaction was locked up.

Some further evidence for this hypothesis: Someone had opened a 200k channel to me to balance our initial 1M channel. He sent the 200k over to my side and closed the channel. I received 200k into my on-chain BTC wallet. While I was trying to open new channels and receiving errors it was telling me that I had only 200k available to open channels with because that transaction had cleared and was not locked up.

That means you have pending UTXOs. Check in mempool the previous txs you’ve done with your node wallet. Until you wil not have 6+ confirmations for the previous txs, you should NOT do any more txs, otherwise you will mess up things really badly.
Patience is the key for a node operator.
Don’t try to do workarounds. You will end up having even more shit problems.