Insufficient Funds to open channel but plenty of confirmed funds

I keep getting the error “not enough witness outputs…” when trying to open a 1m sat channel to a fellow Umbrel user.
Umbrel logs show “insufficient funds”.
I’ve searched here and on the web and can’t find a clear answer.

I moved 10m sats to my Umbrel Bitcoin wallet 18 days ago.
Opened a 100k channel to a friend successfully.
Have 2 channels (1m sats each) pending to large nodes for a few days now (I set the fees low to wait for the mempool to clear out).
My Bitcoin wallet on the Umbrel still has 7.8m sats which have been there for 18 days not unconfirmed or anything like that).
I’m using Thunderhub to open the channels.

Is this a bug in Thunderhub?
Is there a limit of 2 pending channels that I’m not aware of?

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

You have pending to be confirmed UTXOs. That’s all.
Go to RTL in onchain wallet and you will see them there

I installed RTL and well… in the words of the great philosopher Homer, DOH!
The light bulb went off. I get it now.
Thanks again!