Logging in to umbrel

I have just setup my umbrel but it is stuck on the page which says ‘Starting Umbrel’…

been stuck on that page for ages - can someone please advise?

First - you should read the Umbrel - getting started guide
Then some aspects you should consider.

  1. is normal that sometimes a new instance of Umbrel node is hanging on start. It could be many reasons why:
  • some hardware is failing (ext disk, USB cable, power source, drive case)
  • installation didn’t went smooth, yes, the mSD cards can be shit also
  • your setup is slow and takes a while, but is true, it should not be too much
  1. What to do?
  • stop /shutdown your node, better if you can through SSH command
  • check your hardware, check the USB cable, consider using original power source, change the USB port
  • start again the node and try to bring up the debug logs for a better understanding of what is going on. Post the link (only) to the logs, it will generate automatically a link and you will find it at the end of the log.
  • you could try reflashing the mSD with the latest version of Umbrel (now is 0.4.2) and start again your node.

More things toii help you to debug, here in the Umbrel Troubleshooting manual

thanks for coming back to me - i will try the above and see how it goes.