Reaching umbrel.local reliably? mDNS?

So, this is wider problem, or question. Sometimes, UI at umbrel.local is unreachable from another laptop in the same network. why? What is responsible for translating hostname.local to an actual IP? what happens behind the scenes? It is somehow frustrating when things don’t work as they should.

in my case, umbrel.local is on RPi (just like many of you) but not on an eth cable but over wifi (unlike many of you). This was reliably working for months, maybe years. Recently, after some ddos on tor, things got iffy, and it sometimes worked and sometimes doesnt. It usually help to brutally reboot (power plug out, count to three, power plug in) and then it was visible from my laptop at my home newtwork. For minutes, sometimes visible, sometimes not. What is going on, i want to get to the bottom of it…

I am having the same issue but I have mine plugged in via an ethernet cable.

Sometimes the issue is resolved when I unplug the device and turn it back on but only about half of the time.

Have a the same issue, did either of you get the issue resolved

I have resorted to just accessing my node via the Tor connection and it has not been an issue since then.

Does it work using the IP instead of Umbrel.local?