LND Wallet Showing 0 - 0.4 to 0.5 after losing channel


So I have possibly messed recovery up, and need help to know if I can undo or recover this.

I had a 0.4 node with an open channel. It became corrupted and took me 7 months to be in a position to try and recover it.

It appeared the channel had been closed and maybe I lost my channel funds. But my wallet still had a balance of BTC. I was using an old HDD that was taking a long time to sync.

I decided to upgrade the HDD to a SSD and flashed the SD card with 0.5 and entered my LND recovery phrase.

Now the new install has synced, my LND wallet is showing 0 BTC. And I know there should be funds.

After reading a little more here, Derivation Path for Umbrel

I’m now worried I have messed up my wallet. Is there anyone who might be able to confirm or help me recover this please?

What is my best course of action here. Do I need to go back to the 0.4 version. I’m not exactly sure what version it was.

Thank you