LND on umbrel will not open now

Hi my LND app on Umbrel worked fine until last week, when I downloaded the Lightning Terminal app and Zeus. Now LND fails to open. If I use Thunderhub, I can see my balances, peers and channels OK, and can transfer funds, but LND fails to open.
Any help appreciated thanks

Could you share a full debug log?

For reference check out FAQ under “Generating Troubleshooting Logs” here: Official Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ - Guides - Umbrel Community

System > Troubleshoot > Start and it will generate it from you right there within the dashboard and download it, then you can paste it to www.pastebin.com and share a link for easy review

If for any reason you are unable to generate from the UI

You can SSH via the steps from “How to SSH” and copy the output of this command for the log:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug


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For anyone else experiencing the same problem as me ( LND lightning node not starting) I found the solution on another thread , posted by Louf ( thanks a million, brilliant) so I am sharing here : It seems all I had to do was SSH into Umbrel and enter this command

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart lightning


Absolutely this is a quick fix too for if channels show offline!

You can also accomplish this via Lightning Node App > Top Three Dots > Advanced Settings > Save and Restart Node from the UI

To save anyone a trip to the command line,

If there are any persistent issues as well causing Bitcoin Node not to load for anyone that stumbles across this feel free to ping me or check out the FAQ for more assistance!