LNbits transactions remain pending

I made some transactions that remained in pending in LNBits

The funds seem to be gone, but these remain in pending and receiving wallet does not have an incoming transaction.


I installed the app only for testing, but rather curious if these sats are ‘gone forever’ or there is some cleanup that will credit the channel for these pending transactions after some time.

LNbits it doesn’t work if you do not have LN channels liquidity.
Do you have enough inbound and outbound liquidity on your LN node?
LNbits is an accounting system on top of your LN node.

Please read this guide description of LNbits

Yes, have about 1M sats both inbound & outbound.
These are mini transactions, making between various wallets from myself

I also enabled circular routes as per the info in the post your reference

  • To be able to have free fee, internal txs between your LNDhub LNbits wallets, add this line in your lnd.conf file: allow-circular-route=1
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Is not very clear what you did / situation you have.
So to recap:

  • your LN node works normally, you have channels with enough liquidity (anyway, in LNbits all is internal between LNDhub wallets, so is not about having a routed tx through other peers).
  • your create 2 users in LNbits, each one with its own LNDhub wallet
  • both are connected through Tor, using Zeus or Bluewallet, or even can use LNbits web interface
  • you send 50 sats from wallet A to wallet B, using a normal LN invoice. Funds are received by wallet B?

I just did a test with my LNbits.
Open 2 tabs in Tor browser, opening in each a different lnbits wallet. Create invoice from wallet and paid with wallet B. Sats received, and no fee. In both wallets I can see the transactions.

So I don’t know what you did or what situation you have there.
Did you update your Umbrel to the latest version?

Thanks, recap is indeed fully right,

Yes, created 2 wallets through the web interface.

Tried several small transactions:
First receiving (50 & 53 sat) using the ‘tipjar’ extension
than paying some invoices “T”'s I think to my regular unbrel wallet (maybe that is the big issue)
and than successful transfer ‘tfh’ to another wallet in lnbits.

In the db these failed ones appear as pending 1 and checking_id starts with temp_

Balance on both wallets is now 0 due to the ‘pending’ wallets…

Not sure if that is possible. Is like paying itself the node and will interpret it wrong.
Between Lnbits lndhub wallets is fine, because is just a number in a database, sats are not actually moved from node.

But when is about to pay a lnbits wallet with the node LN walelt, is not going to work.

You can check if that pending tx appear in RTL or in Thunderhub, but I doubt it. Just ignore it, sats never go anywhere.

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Sorry my limited understanding of the LNBits, but does that mean that LNBits is basically a database on top of the node wallet, meaning that all transactions are made to the node LN wallet in reality.

If the LNBits database is deleted/lost it does not really impact the available sats on the node LN wallet?
In that case it ‘just’ lost the values/details of the wallet info but not the sats

After testing some more I can reproduce this by paying the invoices from the bluewallet connected through the ‘BlueWallet Lightning’ app to the LNBits wallet. I guess this is than the same situation as you indicated.

note: indeed the pending transactions do not appear on RTL / Thunderhub

Yes. Simple as that.

Yes, your sats are still in your LN channels. You can make a copy of lnbits database anyway, in case you want to restore the “ledger” of your internal wallets.

Not really, but almost the same: sats are not going out of your node, are just internal. Only that in case you use a BW lndhub wallet, it is another internal database, it does not communicate with Lnbits one.