LN Network Delayed Sync Issue

I recently rebooted my ubrel account from seed after connection issues. The blockchain dowload went smooth to 100% but my LN refuses to connect ( its been 3-4 days since blockchain completed )

After restarting a few times to no avail, Ive dowloaded the troubleshoot but dont know the link to the web url everyone uses. Id rather not have to liquidate the LN account and start form scratch, but if thats the only option ill take it. I,ve been stacking sats for a minute with no channels yet so channel.backup isnt big here, just fund recovery.

Changes made:
fresh RPi4gb
Fresh External HD & Cable
same SD

I suppose you end up in this situation because you didn’t read any of posts from the guides section of this forum.
In there was a dedicated one about how to restore your dead node, that precisely explain 8 methods and steps to do.

Reading getting started with Umbrel guide also could keep you away a lot from these issues.
Reading the troubleshooting manual also can give you more indications how to fix a node that is not starting.

Going straight to “restore from seed” is a big mistake and should be used only when you do not have any other way…

Just restore from seed is not enough, if you had LN channels open. You need also to use a backup of those (see the restore guide) in order to get back your funds.

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Cold but efficient, and no I didn’t read thoroughly enough the first round through, going about corrections now.