All lightning channels offline


So my node was offline for some time, but now it has been online for 8 days, fully synced.
Seems like lnd does not work, and all my channels are offline.

Any tips what I can try?


umbrel-1648739893896-debug.log (46.0 KB)

Looks OK at first sight.
Try to run from SSH the logs for lnd only:
cd umbrel
docker-compose logs lnd

Thanks, I did so and it run a lot of lines.
What should I look for?

see if there’s some error or something strange in syncing, usually is telling what is doing.

I cant find anything thats stands out, but I found this:

“panic: unable to synchronize wallet to chain: failed to fetch block hash for height 709648: block not found”

I think this issue is similar:

Will try to do a re-scan.

Hmm, get error:
“sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: `?’
-bash: ”: command not found”

I made a copy/paste fault. Use the original command from the troubleshooting guide

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Ok, I managed to rescan, now my Onchain wallet shows 0 and my channels are offline…
Cant get a wallet adress…

have some more patience, the process is not instant.


You were correct sir. It took about 10 hours for it to complete, and now my channels are back online again!
Thanks for all the help!