LN channels "pending open" for 3 weeks

Summary: How to close LN channels “pending open” for >3 weeks?

Context: Umbrel 0.3.12 on RaspPi4/Ethernet/SSD. Node running well, with several healthy channels.

Question: How can I close channels that are “pending open” for more than three weeks? I need to regain funds. The TxID of each is not found in the Mempool. How should I solve this? Thanks in advance!

lncli pendingchannels | grep channel_point

            "channel_point": "0e475752b4cf6a784a0c19e83b71eb0a869dfe3df715300b2f429ddc0fbb4da9:0",
            "channel_point": "cc5b9f6f837aa9ef44784b3121d762676b071fb85fd83f41cbc1fc999510d493:1",
            "channel_point": "c90ff0fa9caed3164303f05a5dda659dd9166f501e4f4587d024bac04e54fdbf:1",
            "channel_point": "7ba7fa74fa541d6edd34ad234330d5f7f04b05acc4514dbbb06c7c1195ff7995:1",
            "channel_point": "5d36945b0b3c61609cc20bba5a047bbd0eef8877dbd7291a2ada28ee4a1f09cd:0",
            "channel_point": "06f2cebd1ef3f5c31509eef14b550c9987bf8be17400e3ee26cec606ec671df3:0",

bitcoin-cli --getinfo
“version”: 210100,
“blocks”: 687456,
“headers”: 687456,
“verificationprogress”: 0.9999993998527988,
“timeoffset”: -1,
“connections”: {
“in”: 0,
“out”: 10,
“total”: 10
“proxy”: “”,
“difficulty”: 19932791027262.74,
“chain”: “main”,
“relayfee”: 0.00001000,
“warnings”: “”

The transactions may of dropped out of mempool due to age? Also not sure about how they didn’t open because the mempool was empty the past couple weeks.

But because the channels didn’t open, I assume your funds are still in your wallet and lnd isn’t recognizing it. You could maybe check by importing your secret words into Bluewallet? If your funds does show up there, you can try sweep them into another address.

There is also chantools_removechannel but you need to be sure the channel will never be confirmed before you consider removing it (double spend the unconfirm input).

Other people with similar issues
In case you don’t want to use bluewallet there is: Using Electrum Wallet to recover funds