Lightning Pool best practise

Any tips to as to optimizing earnings on Lightning Pool?

UI seems a bit rough and it is quite hard to understand best practise to make the most of it.

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Yes needs more polish and also is buggy.
Every login on Lightning Terminal and Lightning Pool will charge you 1 sat (LSAT) without your consent! This is not how it supposed to work LN…

Also BTC Sessions (Ben) is preparing a video tutorial about Lightning Pool. Let’s see how it goes


I did not realise they charge for logging in - that’s not cool at all

You are not paying attention to your sats… be carefull :sweat_smile:
I think it’s kinda bug. It’s ok to charge a fee to participate in the Pool, but just for login and most important, without any notice… exactly like the banksters taking the money from your account.

Also the same situation is for Sphinx chat app. Any click on the app, is charging you 1-2 sats. I notice that even if I open a channel with their node, is still charging for changing the picture of my profile… So I just close it and leave it for the moment.


I noticed this, I messaged sphinx because looking at their documentation I thought it sounded like those sats are supposed to be returned to you? Same thing with sending a message? From their github:

How messaging works in Sphinx?
Whenever you send a direct message to someone in Sphinx, you will be charged 3 sats. Your message will be encoded and you will get back your 3 sats, when you receive the confirmation. In total, you should be spending 0 sats.

I noticed this at first but once I pinged them in telegram they lowered the fees to free since I was on my own node. I guess they have a bot thats supposed to do it but it doesn’t catch everything.

Different groups in sphinx charge a sat amount and then have a staked amount (which is returned to you after a set time period) to combat spam. I noticed that on Umbrel’s lightning page it just showed the payments and not the returns but in RTL and thunderhub it showed the amounts returning to me.