Unknown invoices on my just synched umbrel

This is a brand new umbrel - new ssd and a just flashed umbrel OS.

It took a week to download and synchronize a brand new umbrel system. During that time, I sent about 2.5 mil sats to the umbril btc address and installed a few apps from the app store.

Now that sync is complete, I see about a 1/2 dozen lightning invoices, all for 100,000,000 sats each. They say they will expire in about a day.
What is that about?
How did they get there?
Is this "normal?


Same issue here!
Do you have LNBITS installed ?
Or the new app SatSale ?


Me too! Installed SatSale yesterday.

In the Umbrel Telegram someone replied with:

That’s expected, SatSale creates an invoice on startup to test the connection to LND is working correctly