Lightning channel stuck on 'Pending'


I’m new to lightning and I’ve gotten into difficulty when messing about trying to understand it.

I tried to open a channel with this Node through ThunderHub on my Umbrel: 035e4ff418fc8b5554c5d9eea66396c227bd429a3251c8cbc711002ba215bfc226

The on-chain transaction went through fairly quickly (on-chain transaction: 0428b2e7af575abc5633a098b064b1911e2aedf71ef86a208a12b48f71f6b679)

However, it’s been over 6 hours since the transaction was submitted and ThunderHub is still saying that the channel is ‘Pending’.

What do I do? Is there a way to cancel this channel opening?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Just an update.

I waited overnight and in the morning I checked again and saw a string of error messages, but it’s ok because the end result seems to be that the channel failed and I got my sats back.

I tried to open a channel with someone else. That worked right away, but I then tried to do a loop and that seemed to cause problems as well - so I’ve closed that one as well.

I think I’ll take my sats and leave the lightning nodes to you guys. Lol.

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